Monday, July 5, 2010

Infante Update

ESPN announced tonight that Charlie Manuel chose Omar Infante because MLB instructed him to choose a utility player for the roster. Interesting. Beginning this year, each manager will be able to designate one player who may re-enter the game after exiting. If this player is able to play multiple positions, then he obviously offers more flexibility in the event of an injury, etc. Hence, the selection of Infante, who plays seven positions.

Joe Girardi chose Ty Wigginton (.776 OPS, 14 HRs), a player previously discussed as a possible Chase Utley replacement, as his utility man.

If this claim is true, then my criticism of Manuel (see previous post) was a bit unwarranted. I still, however, feel that it is unfortunate for players like Joey Votto and Jayson Werth to get snubbed from the All-Star Game in favor of a journeyman like Omar Infante.

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